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BNF Company Limited has been producing Color Concrete Bricks since December, 2015. It is located at near of Dholeshwary-1 river,  Keranigonj. It is a automated Color Concrete Brick factory only.

  • Material Use :

        To make C.C Brick (Color Concrete) need Sand, Cement, Chemical and Color.

  • Sourcing Material :

        We collect good quality earth sourced from all over the country which containing dissolvent salt or other harmful impurities is treated appropriately.

  • Environment Friendly :

        Environment friendly processes are being maintained because of no need to burn to make our C.C Brick, like other traditional brick fields, so it does not produce any CO2 gas.

  • Our Technology :

        Bricks are made by Automatic Machines by South Korea Technology. We ensure air space free proper Moulding by our fully automatic machine.

  • Working Team :

        A professional and experienced team is being engaged for production and delivery of the products under the leadership of a professional and experienced Factory Manager.



Currently B&F are manufacturing 3 types of block. 

50cm X 50cm X 50cm

40cm X 40cm X 40cm

45cm X 45cm X 30cm

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Tel : (88-02)9883718   Fax : (88-02)9883715

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