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Current Project

Bangladesh Hospital Project Management Proposal


GGM has a plan to establish a Modernized 1,000-bed University Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Angola, Mozambique, Congo Republic and Bangladesh. Among them, Bangladesh has Manufacturing & Export Facilities for Generic Medicine with LDC position and second Position of Garments & Clothes as well as 170 million Population. Therefore, Bangladesh hospital will start as the model of 5 countries. 


Bangladesh Project Management Team will start work, same time other countries F/S can be started if other countries form a project team. Korea project Team will support and cooperate with each country PMC including Bangladesh. 


Bangladesh has all types of Generic Medicine, Hospital related garments & Clothes and Medical related Manpower which will be trained Doctors, Nurse, Engineers & Technicians for Equipment operation and Maintenance and other Medical Human resources. Bangladesh International Cooperation Team will work for Export Manpower, Medicine and Other Supplying Products from Bangladesh. Especially Korea’s Patent Medicine production in Bangladesh including oriental medicine.

Project Background

Manpower supplying to 5 Hospitals will be one of the important factors of Bangladesh Hospital, therefore HRD related special plan between Hospital and PMC is necessary.  Also, Education and Training program between Korean University Hospital and Bangladesh Medical College, Bangladesh Hospital, Nursing Institute, Technical Training Institute will organize.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) is the premier Postgraduate Medical Institution of Bangladesh.


Korea Gov’t financed to B.S.M.M.U, 1st EDCF Project is USD 130 million for 700-bed Hospital and USD 280 Million for the 800-bed hospital for 2nd EDCF Project from 2021. The 1st EDCF funded BSMMU Super Specialized Hospital project Feasibility Study was prepared in august 2014 and it is going to finish and open in July 2022. This Project Director of BSMMU was Prof. Dr. Zulfiqur R. Khan and Projector Director of Korean Consulting group for Design, Budget Estimate, Tender, Selection Contractor of Construction, Supplier of Hospital Equipment, Machinery and Furniture, Medical manpower Training and Education from Korean University Hospital, Hospital Operation and management, Construction Supervision was Prof. Dr. Han.


Mr. C. W. Park was coordinator of Both Korea and Bangladesh consulting & Management groups. Mr. C. W. Park is the B&F Company Limited CEO & Managing Director. He has been working for Korean Community in Bangladesh, the Korean Construction Association in Bangladesh and the Korea Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a chairman for a long, therefore he has good coordination Koran Community as well as Bangladesh.   


B&F Company is the leading company of the Bangladesh consulting group of BSMMU Project since 2013. Feasibility Study, Design, Tender BSMMU Consulting, Construction and supplying all types of machinery and Training and education team from Korea who engaged in BSMMU, B&F Medical Support team work together for the success of BSMMU.


B&F has imported and distributed Samsung Monitor, Laser Printer and Mobile Phone to national dealer network as a distributor of Samsung Electronics ICT Products from 1996 to 2012. And has operated own ISP(Internet Service provider) and Training School of Computer and Korean Language.


B&F has a good name in ICT, Construction, Trading and Consulting. B&F Has successfully finished all types of various projects in Bangladesh last 26 years. B&F for Ko and working and working Korean Community Chairman. 


Our Korea and Bangladesh BSMMU team of consultants and new consultants will make Bangladesh required new Hospital Master Plan based on our Bangladesh Project Experience and Korea New technology and Machinery.

PMC & Key personnel

Project Management Company

B&F Company Limited: Dhaka, Bangladesh


B&F International Company: Seoul, Korea


B&F has been established & incorporated under the law & company’s act of the Republic of Bangladesh in 1996 with100% foreign (Korea) investment under the leadership of Mr. Park, Chong Wan a Private Investor and Managing Director with due permission of the Government of Bangladesh. 


B&F is the only Korean Project Management Company in Bangladesh providing a complete range of services in the field of Construction & Engineering, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Renewable Energy & Power, Hospital Management, HRD & Manpower including Industrial solutions with full Consultancy. 


B&F has started its operation in Korea in 1991 and Bangladesh in 1996. B&F has already trained more than 10,000 employees in Bangladesh and export home and abroad companies as experienced engineers and consultants during the last 26 years in Bangladesh through the various ICT, Engineering & Construction Projects including Private, Gov’t and ODA Project. And link with World Korean Community Network. So, B&F can provide service with a group of experienced and hardworking engineers, technicians and consultants in the relevant field.

Key Personnel

Project Director:   Mr. Chongwan Park

CEO, MD of B&F Company Limited.

BSMMU Hospital (2013 - 2022) - Local Consultant

Koramtola Hospital - Design Consultant & Contractor.   

Mukta Nursing Institute - Construction Supervision Consultant 

BANI (Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute) – Design Consultant& Contractor

Bangladesh Korean Community (2018-2020) - Chairman

KBCCI (Korea Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – Director

Project Manager (Korea):   Prof. Dr. Whiejong, Han

Super Specialized Hospital for BSMMU Funded by EDCF, KOREA - Project Director





  • Ph.D. (Health Administration, 2003): University of South Carolina, U.S.A.

  • MSc (Economics, 1998): University of Colorado-Boulder, U.S.A.

  • Bachelor (Economics, 1990): Sungkyunkwan University



Major Career



Yonsei University Graduate School of Public Health, Department of Global Health Policy and Finance, Head Professor



Professor of Medical Management, Eulji University, Director of International Health and Medical Center



University of South Carolina (University of South Carolina) Department of Medical Policy and Management, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Doctoral Program (DrPH) Head Professor

Project Experience



























Project Manager (Bangladesh): Prof. Dr. Zulfiqur R.

  1. ABC University Hospital (1,000 Bed)

  2. ABC (GEMS) Pharmaceuticals Limited 

  3. ABC Medical College with Postgraduate – Doctor

  4. ABC Nursing College (4 years) with Postgraduate– Nurse

  5. ABC Medical Education & Training Institute. - Technician

  6. ABC International Medical Cooperation Center.

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(Export & Import of all types of Medical Manpower, Medicine, Equipment, Consumable and others)

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Healthcare professionals by jobs


The basic training Education system in Bangladesh consists of 5 years of elementary school, 5 years of middle school (6th-10th grade), and 2 years of high school (11th ~ 12th grade). When you finish 2 years of high school and pass the graduation exam, you receive HSC (Higher Secondary certificate)



Students obtain an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgeon) degree after earning HSC and going through 5 years of medical training and 1-year intern training. Students can obtain a master's degree and specialist training at IPGMR (Institute Postgraduate Medical Research). There are a total of 22 public and 11 private schools, including BSMMU, Bangladesh's only university. IPGMR not only includes medical schools but also 7 specialist hospitals in Bangladesh.


Medical schools and specialist training schools in Bangladesh.


There is no capacity given in specialist training program as of 2020/21, Specialist training consists of 2 years of Phase A program (basic training) and 3 years of Phase B (dedicated specialist training), a total of 5 years. Only when a student has passed an exam for basic training, he may receive Phase B training.

Source: DME (Directorate of Medical Education)



Number of graduated specialists by department (2007~2011)

Source: DME (Directorate of Medical Education)


BSMMU began an undergraduate program in nursing in 2011. Student capacity for 4 years nursing school is 1,040.



Nursing training school in Bangladesh


Source: BNC (Bangladesh Nursing Council), As of 2011/3

Medical Technicians


  • Bangladesh has a severe shortage of medical technicians. Therefore, each hospital hires and trains people without training to use.

  • There are 7 public training schools that train medical technicians, 19~72 for private training schools that offer various types of training.

  • There are no pharmacists in Bangladesh. Instead, they have pharmacy technologists who work as pharmacists. There are 76 training schools for pharmacy technologists, with a capacity of 2,541, the largest following clinical pathologist.


Number of training schools for medical technicians and number of admitted students


Source: Health Bulletin, 2012

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8. Consulting Organization


  1. Hospital Construction Design (Design & Supervision Consulting)

  2. Hospital Equipment Consulting

  3. Hospital Operation & Management Consulting

  4. ICT Consulting

  5. Education & Training

  6. Pharmaceutical Company

  7. Administrative

(Law, Tax, Admin, Logistic)

9. Key Personnel and Consultant Profile




(Project Director)





Project Manager (Korea)





Project Manager (Bangladesh)





(Consultant – Oriental Medicine & Nursing Institute)





(Consultant – Doctor & Oriental Medicine)

(Consultant – Architecture)





(Tax Advisor)





(Law Advisor)





(Consultant - ICT)





(Consultant - ICT) 





(Consultant - Pharmaceutical)


(Consultant - Pharmaceutical)

10. Letter of Association


11. F/S Report of Bangladesh Hospital Project (2014)

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