Battery Regeneration Machine

B&F BRM Facilities:
1. Application of patented recycling technology (patent No. 10-1429608, storage battery recycling equipment))
2. Remove sulfates effectively from deteriorated lead storage battery
3. Support both regeneration and discharging batteries in one unit
4. Quick regeneration time and effective capacity
5. Program mode, easy interface

B&F BRM Features:
1. Application of patented recycling technology (Patent No. 10-093150, storage battery recycling equipment
2. Each GT model has both charging & Discharging function
3. Low Regeneration Cost Discharging function returns electricity to electric power company.
4. Large Capacity Battery Regeneration 1.2~150V , 3,000 AH Battery regeneration
5. Automation program mode support 99 hours, 5 type program mode supports
6. Large 8 inch LCD & Touch Screen GT Status information, user friendly interface, voltage/current graphical representation
7. SD Card Application Easy Software upgrade, charging & discharging data backup
8. Remote Control PC Program Support GT Remote control in PC for charging & discharging data backup
9. Interior design Plug-in type design, Easy service parts exchanging
10. Patent Regeneration and Regeneration Method