What we do?

B&F introducing a battery regeneration system successfully 1st time in Bangladesh. Currently your batteries are almost out of order after 2 to 3 years even though battery life time is much more. B&F regeneration system will restore the electrodes and battery will recover its full capacity so that life time will be extended almost double. B&F has already established a battery regeneration Factory in Keraniganj and battery monitoring center in Gulshan-2, Dhaka. B&F has signed a contract with many clients such as e-dotco(ROBI), Bd REN, 1Asia and etc. to restor their weak battery and maintain service. B&F battery monitoring system can check client?s battery status in real time & replace defective cell immediately.

B&F Solutions


Battery Regeneration Machine

Battery Regeneration Machine is a unique machine for battrey regeneration. Each BRM has supported regeneration and discharging batteries in one unit.


Battery Monitoring System

B&F Battery Monitoring System can Monitor your batteries anytime from everywhere.


Small Regeneration System

Small Regeneration System can use for permanent individual solution for car, generator etc.